“Our hearts are our home-Let’s get to know them”

Follow Your Rainbow

Reflection + Connection Cards

These cards were created to help you and your littles get curious, engage and create open conversations, build emotional language, and let children explore + express their feelings and emotions.

When children have the capacity to develop their emotional understanding of their inner world they are better able to navigate human relationships, foster empathy and compassion, and enhance their interpersonal skills. Healthy emotional expression also encourages children to grow their confidence leading to mental well being as they can seek out support when needed and build a stronger sense of well being. 

Follow Your Rainbow

Follow your rainbow was created to grow and develop children’s awareness and connection to self.  This book helps to foster the learning of each child’s unique magnificence and all of their magical qualities that come from within, in relation to the beautiful colours of the rainbow.

My hope for you and your child is to remain curious, discover and explore these traits together by taking the time to engage, ask questions, and reflect-this is the heart work, and the discovery of self.

Our hearts are our home-we should get to know them! This book is also a reminder to pause, put your hand on your heart, and take a big deep breath.  Your colours are in your heart and are yours to choose at anytime.

Keep growing, loving, and shining all your colours bright.  Our world needs all of your colours!

Light it up!

Much love,