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Calgary Reads

Reading is a fundamental skill that has a profound impact on our lives, and it begins at an early age. When you read aloud to a child, you open the doors to new worlds, new perspectives and new opportunities to grow. We believe every child deserves to experience the benefits reading brings.

Learning to read is a vital part of learning in general. It triggers brain development, enhances cognitive skills and builds self-confidence. It’s easy to take our ability to read for granted but it didn’t just happen; it took effort, practice and someone who took the time to teach us.

Follow Your Rainbow reads as a love letter to our own uniqueness and presents the concept of self discovery in an approachable and endearing way. The characters in this book practically leap of the page, full of love and light, and take your littles on a journey fuelled by curiosity. This book and these characters are a much needed ray of light in our world today. 

Tamara Becker

This book!!! Simply put, makes my heart happy and gave me all the feels when I first read it. It is a family favorite- from the fun graphics to the important emotional language it uses.  I love reading it to my two daughters. Not only do I get to plant important seeds, it gives me a tool to help them with emotional regulation by giving them the language to name to their emotions when trying to cope with difficult situations or how to feel big love and joy!!! This book should be on every families and school rooms bookshelves- I love hearing my girls reference the rainbow color they are feeling.

Gina Perrault

Follow Your Rainbow is a wonderful way to teach your kids about some of the unique powers they have and how to use them. It helps us all remember to stay calm, breathe, and use the vibrant abilities inside all of us. The book is so uniquely written and illustrated that it is fun every single time. The characters are so full of color and life that their emotions are contagious. Our bedtime routine just got a lot more colourful and exciting!

Nick Anderson

About the Illustrator

Blair Dawes