Exciting things are happening! You can now find Follow Your Rainbow at select retailers in Calgary and I recently appeared on the “Rise Resilient” podcast.

You can listen here:

Spotify: Rise Resilient Episode 11

Apple: Rise Resilient Episode 11

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The new year is a great time to reflect and set intentions on how you want to FEEL moving into 2023, and getting our kiddos into the habit of building self reflection and self awareness is key in expanding their mental and emotional development. Feel free to download this FREE, fun, “Intentions” worksheet, and bring on-the self reflection and creativity!

New year, new hopes, and new dreams!

Happy 2023!

Much love, Lisa


Multicoloured me Heart Check in

Getting your children to check in and connect to their hearts and their feelings on a regular basis is an amazing way to help children self reflect, label and learn “how they are feeling” thus building their emotional awareness and emotional language. Children who are more emotionally aware tend to feel more joy and fulfilment, communicate emotional states and boundries more effectively, navigate through life’s challenges more confidently-which all leads to making better choices for themselves. Creating space and encouraging the time to self reflect is all part of the “heart work,” so lean in, connect and grow those big, beautiful hearts.