Lisa McManes

My name is Lisa McManes-

I am a wife, and a mother to three amazing little humans.

Before having a family of my own I had the opportunity to work in the early childhood education system for over five years, and it was there that I discovered the magic of children! I fell in love with their imaginations, their big emotions, and their ability to be in the present moment!

When I decided to go back to work I knew that I wanted to work with children again, but in a less structured environment. I wanted to teach children about their mental and physical health-their whole body wellness!

I became a youth yoga teacher, and became a certified kids life coach with Kids Coaching Connection. I am currently the Community Director for an amazing non profit called the Orenda Society where I lead many youth to tap into their inner knowing through self-inquiry, breath, movement, connection, mentorship, and raw discussion.

The children that I have worked with and my own three amazing children have taught me so much about life and myself, and I will be forever grateful. They push me to stay curious and playful. They push me out of my comfort zone. They push me to keep growing and learning new practices so that I can show up as my best self.

I encourage my own children to follow their dreams, play big, and spread love and kindness out in our world, and I realize the value of me role modeling and living my life in that exact way!

Blair Dawes

Blair Dawes is a Calgary based artist and illustrator. His creations are reflection of his skills firmly rooted in graffiti, cartooning and traditional drawing techniques. His love for animals and bright colours influence his artistic vision and pursuits.
Dawes holds a BFA from AUArts (formerly ACAD). He is co-owner and creator of Salty Sea Dog Designs where he hand makes fun and whimsical pottery. Dawes runs his own illustration and graphic design company called Horizon and Tide. You can follow him on Instagram @horizonandtide